Meet the Lucknow Man Who Built a Drone to Rescue a Stranded Puppy


Milind Raj was out for a walk on the streets of Lucknow last month when he heard cries of help coming from a filthy sewer. 

Upon closer inspection, Raj, 27, found a whimpering puppy stranded in a 20-feet boggy drain in the middle of the road. 

Finding it too risky for a human to go down the filth to rescue the animal, Raj took it upon himself to save the pup from the claws of death. 

Raj who builds robots for a living came up with an ingenious idea to airlift the pup using a drone that he built in his Lucknow lab. 

Drone is too risky for the animal rescue, you ask? Aware of the dangers involved, Raj then decided to attach an AI-controlled robotic arm to his drone, which could monitor the heart rate of the pup and grip it just about right so the animal wouldn’t suffocate. The onboard intelligent computers triggerred auto-release when safe altitude was recorded, setting the pup free. 

Yeah, Science!

Upon rescue, the puppy vomited twice, throwing up plastic packets and filth that were tossed in the drain. 

“When a cat or a dog is in danger in other countries, people come together to save the animal. But this isn’t the case in India. I want to serve Indians and rescue animals using the Artifical Intelligence, technology, and my mind,” Raj tells News18

Raj says that such a rescue mission has happened for the first time in the world and other countries are making a note of it. 

“I have received tons and tons of emails from media houses from across the world, who are hailing India and my rescue efforts,” he adds. 

Raj has built AI robots for the Indian army and agriculture and wishes to rescue animals in distress with the technology available to him. 

With only pup on his mind, “the saviour” Raj didn’t have anyone to shoot the video of the rescue op. Lucky for him, a kind passerby recorded it.

You can watch the video here

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